Last week I went to see the new and highly hyped Marvel film - Black Panther. I had been out the night before and was severely hungover. However my boyfriend would not allow me to lounge around in bed all day and instead made me get up and go into town. While we were out, we went to see Black Panther.There are definitely worse things to do on a hangover, however I have a feeling my pounding headache combined with the fact that I’m not really a marvel fan anyway (this was only the second marvel film I had ever seen) may be the reason I was the only person in the cinema who did not enjoy the film. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the visual effects and light hearted humour, It’s just that I had major issues with the plot line and thought I was going to be sick most of the way through. Anyway, almost everyone else I have talked to seemed to have loved the film. In fact it is the highest grossing film of 2018 so far. That got me wondering about what data is available online about the movie and what can it tell us about what people really thought of the film.

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Taylor Swift has just released her 6th studio album ‘Reputation’. The old Taylor is dead, and is her place is a new edgier Taylor, toughened from the years of media scrutiny, turbulent relationships and high profile celebrity feuds. As the title suggests, this is an album all about the contrast in how the world sees you to compared to who you really are and how a negative portrayal can affect your relationships. Whether you like the album or not (personally I love it), this post is not really about Taylor swift. This is about my first experience delving into the world of twitter scraping.

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